Comsi Comsa Collection - Apple Ripe

Sauvage welcomes a new, semi-sweet sparkling wine, Comsi Comsa Apple Ripe. 


Like Sauvage’s other varietals, the new Comsi Comsa Apple Ripe is made from apples sourced from local New York State farms. Using fully ripe apples, the all-natural and refreshing Apple Ripe has a fruity taste. A cross between a perfect dry white and port, the well balanced and versatile Apple Ripe is perfect for all food pairings. Apple Ripe has a 12% Alc/Vol, is gluten-free and is Kosher (certified by OK and by Tartikov Beth Din). Like a perfectly ripened fruit ready to be harvested, Comsi Comsa Apple Ripe is ready to be savored.


Comsi Comsa «comme ci, comme ça» means “Like This / Like That”. Like Bubbly / Like Cider.